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GLOBIS MBA Intensive Lectures (Interactive Style): Finance Class

Oct 25 2010

An interactive MBA class by the No. 1 business school in Japan has made its debut in book form. The first book of this new series, GLOBIS MBA Intensive Lectures (Interactive Style): Finance Class, was released on October 25.

Way Management: Creating a Corporate Philosophy for a Sustainable Company

Sep 17 2010

Propagating the corporate philosophy is essential for sustaining a company. The key to doing this is formulation and management of the Way. As an amalgam of the knowledge gained through our business of training, we release Way Management: Creating a Corporate Philosophy for a Sustainable Company.

Mar 18 2010

The Mindset for Making Value and Profit released. Systemized presentation of the thinking skills involved in simultaneously and permanently raising both individual and corporate profit.

Mar 4 2010

MBA Business Development released as the 14th book in the MBA series. Explains methodologies useful for start-up entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in guiding business management and business creation toward success.

Sep 17 2009

Corporate Sales–The Profit Principle released as the fourth book in the new “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series.

Aug 28 2009

Third edition of MBA Marketing released, the first revised version in four years.

May 28 2009

MBA Finance, New Edition; the first revised edition since it was first published ten years ago

Mar 25 2009

Released Personal Mission Statement, New Edition; the first subsequent edition to follow the release of the original seven years ago

Mar 03 2009

An inspiring discourse on the educational philosophy of GLOBIS in this third book by Yoshito Hori, President of the Graduate School of Management, Globis University—titled Dear Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate the Society

Sep 11 2008

GLOBIS Releases the Third Book in the MBA Experience Series Today
—titled Hypothesis-Based Business Thinking, the new book improves business speed and precision while fostering creativity

Aug 28 2008

Revised 3rd Editions of GLOBIS MBA Management Book & GLOBIS MBA Accounting Hit Bookstore Shelves Today
—GLOBIS serves up the latest releases of the million-copy selling GLOBIS MBA series

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GLOBIS shares its management wisdom through four different categories of books: Analytical Skills, Management Techniques, Career Development, and the GLOBIS series.

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Analytical Skills

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GLOBIS has contributed a variety of books to the business world, drawing upon its vast knowledge and experience.

Tsuyoshi Shimada
Managing Director of the Media Business Development Office

Dear Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate the Society
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