Tsuyoshi Shimada Managing Director of the Media Business Division

Tsuyoshi Shimada
Managing Director of the Media Business Division

GLOBIS has contributed a variety of books to the world of business. Those works have drawn upon the extensive knowledge and experience gained from our business school programs, our support for corporate reform through human resource development, and our venture capital business that nurtures promising enterprises. They also draw from our extensive network of business leaders.

The GLOBIS MBA series, the most widely known of our publications, offers a sound and reliable resource for management education. Starting with the MBA Management Book in 1995, this series has grown to encompass thirteen volumes and has sold more than a million copies. Many avid businesspeople have come to view it as the standard text for practical business administration. In addition, several books from this series have been translated for readers in Taiwan and South Korea.

Prior to GLOBIS’ entry into publishing, the mainstream of business administration textbooks tended to be either highly specialized works for professionals or relatively light “how-to” books targeting the novice. Few textbooks were both practical and able to deliver the essence of business administration in an easy-to-understand manner. So, we thought, given the absence of an ideal textbook for businesspeople, why don’t we write our own? Publications led by the MBA Management Book represent the fruit of this venture business spirit that is highly unique to GLOBIS.

In addition to textbooks on business administration, GLOBIS also writes or translates books on business analytical skills, strategies, organization, and career development. These books all offer an abundance of useful insights that can be immediately applied at the forefront of today’s business world.

Of special note is “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series, which was launched last year with the publication of Leadership through Self-discipline. This series focuses more specifically on direct application to actual business settings than the GLOBIS MBA series. GLOBIS plans to continue expanding this series with several new titles each year.

GLOBIS publications are written by no-nonsense professionals with proven success at the front lines of the real business world. In addition, most authors also serve as lecturers for courses at the Graduate School of Management of GLOBIS University. They possess deep wisdom gained through their first-hand experiences of the most likely pitfalls that businesspeople face. Consequently, our books effectively incorporate key points for putting theory into practice, allowing readers to learn the art of business administration from multidisciplinary perspectives.

GLOBIS has steadily cultivated management wisdom since its establishment in 1992. We will persevere in our quest to enhance the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed for businesspeople, not only in Japan but around the world, and will share our wisdom through these publications. Our growing readership of business professionals would expect nothing less.

In addition to our publications, we also offer expertise through our online management magazine, GLOBIS.JP, which is intended to further enrich the learning and advancement of business education.



GLOBIS has contributed a variety of books to the business world, drawing upon its vast knowledge and experience.

Tsuyoshi Shimada
Managing Director of the Media Business Development Office

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