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About “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series

Launched in 2007, “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series stands apart from other business books in that it powerfully engages readers with reality-based case scenarios and inspires them to think through the challenges depicted in their own terms. The series then provides detailed explanations of the key points for each theme while commenting on the protagonist’s actions and motivations.
This popular series presents a portrait of an outstanding businessperson from the perspectives of both “skill” and “will.” It is designed for readers to gain knowledge by superimposing their own experiences on the situations presented.

Catalog of “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series
GLOBIS BOOKS Leadership through Self-Discipline

Corporate Sales–The Profit Principle

Edited by Globis, written by Hidehiko Yamaguchi, published by Diamond Inc.
1,680 yen (tax included) ISBN: 978-4478007488

This is the fourth installment in the “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series. The book focuses on the world of corporate sales and covers processes that guarantee success, from clinching the first-time client and deepening client relationships to generating profit and sustaining with a reproducible mechanism (to raise the winning percentage). Each process is described in detail through a storyline format and in a way that is practical and highly versatile.

GLOBIS BOOKS Hypothesis-Based Business Thinking

Hypothesis-Based Business Thinking

Edited by Globis, written by Tsuyoshi Shimada, published by Diamond Inc.
1,680 yen (tax included) ISBN: 978-4478002728

Hypothesis-Based Business Thinking is the third installment in the “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series. Hypothesis-based thinking and hypothesis testing are crucial for significantly enhancing the speed and precision of business management and generating highly original ideas. This book offers a variety of specific, concrete tips, such as how to form a sound hypothesis in actual business settings, how to effectively conduct essential hypothesis testing, and how to revise a hypothesis without interrupting the ongoing flow of a business. It also explores the skills for formulating distinctive ideas that go one step ahead of conventional ideas.

GLOBIS BOOKS Communicating through Numbers

Communicating through Numbers

Edited by Globis, written by Yoshihiko Takubo, published by Diamond Inc.
1,680 yen (tax included) ISBN: 978-4-478-00440-1

This is the second installment in the new “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series, the follow-up to the popular GLOBIS MBA series. The theme of Communicating through Numbers is the knack for numbers that is essential for improving decision-making skills and undergirding the power of persuasion. The book defines this required business competency as the ability to read and create numbers and uses a seven-step approach for creating numbers that will influence people. It offers easy-to-understand explanations of key points on what is important, what to watch for, and how to be effective at each step.

GLOBIS BOOKS Leadership through Self-Discipline

Leadership through Self-Discipline

Edited by Globis, written by Eiji Kamada, published by Diamond Inc.
1,680 yen (tax included) ISBN: 978-4-478-00174-5

As a follow-up to the popular GLOBIS MBA series, the new “GLOBIS’ MBA Experience” series features vividly realistic narratives with accompanying commentaries and seeks to provide readers with a genuine taste of the front lines of business management. Drawing upon his experience in delivering leadership training programs to major top-level companies, the author argues that leaders in today’s business environment must possess self-discipline, that is, they must demonstrate self-reliance and the ability to tackle challenges on their own. While focusing on the importance of leadership behavior that can be objectively observed, this book presents a framework of steps for enhancing the inner skills and will that support such behavior.



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