At Globis Management Bank, we aim to provide opportunities for future management professionals to truly demonstrate their abilities. We are focused on finding places for those who want to use their management ability to drive genuine change at their organizations. We are committed to working with the promising leaders of tomorrow who can create opportunity and success.

We rely on our network through the GLOBIS Group to provide those future leaders with:

Opportunities at companies that value the ability to confront business challenges head-on
Pathways to establish a track record as proven leaders inside their organizations

Our highly knowledgeable team will support your efforts to become a management professional by:
Analyzing your current status and developing potential career paths depending on your abilities and goals
Offering positions that will facilitate rapid development as a management professional
Providing medium and long-term support as a discussion partner in your career development

Businesspersons in their mid-20s to mid-30s who aspire to be management professionals. Our current network is made up of over 15,000 people who are actively involved in the front lines of business, including:

Current and former students of business schools in Japan and overseas

Executives of major corporations
Members of professional consulting and VC firms

We will introduce you to positions and organizations that allow you to reach your full potential as a management professional, including:

Venture companies, growth companies, major corporations undergoing change, professional firms and others

Positions at the executive level, planning, human resources, business development, accounting, finance and others

Company Name
Globis Management Bank, Inc. (Abbreviation:“GMB”)
Description of Business
Placement business specializing in managers (Fee-based job placement service business license number: 13-YU-010382)
Recruitment consulting
Job information services
Organizational/management development consulting
December 1, 1999
20 million yen (100% owned by GLOBIS Corporation)
President Yoshito Hori (CEO, GLOBIS)
Part-time Director Hiroyuki Sawada (Board Director, President,
Booz Allen Hamilton (Japan) Inc.)
Part-time Director Kenji Miyako (Management consultant and
accountant, Miyako Accounting Office)
Auditor Toru Nagasawa (Lawyer, Nagasawa Law Offices)